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properties needing meth testing for pre purchase or toxicology reports


Pre Purchase - Rental Properties - Compliance and safety

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Highly accurate meth testing with simple written reports.

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Certified, compliant, professional and experienced service 

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FAST Results & report (2 working days or less).

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8 Years of operation, you can trust us to get the job done right


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Our clients trust us to get the job done.

Why meth testing is important

Meth can stay in a dwelling for up to 10 years or more and generally doesn't degrade or disapate over that time.

The cost of remediation can be huge and range from $800-$1500 per room.

An estimated 1/20 Meth labs are detected by police, the rest recieve no cleaning

There is a large range of possible negative health effects from exposure to p labs and heavy use of methamphetamine.

How common is Meth in housing?

Meth testing

meth testing auckland



Meth testing

meth testing waikato



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Meth testing

meth testing christchurch



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*Statistics only represent the information methsafe has collected over a 3 year period. This data is from more than 2,000 properties.

Why choose MethSafe?

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5 star reviews

Fast, Professional and easy

We only have 2 speeds, fast or very fast. Most results are available within 2 working days of sampling, but we can arrange faster if needed.  We can organize your "toxicology report" with your agent/vendor or tenant to providing high-quality advice and consultancy at a time that is convenient to you. We provide a complete end to end meth solution for your meth testing needs from friendly, sympathetic and attentive staff who have a wealth of knowledge to share with you.


NZQA Certified and Experienced samplers

MethSafe uses high quality people of intergrity to conduct sampling throughout the country. Samplers are NZQA certified* and provided with a range of training to ensure property collection of samples and also ensuring their's and others safety onsite. We believe a high quality toxicology report begins with accurate and thorough sampling and with an average of 3.5 years of experience each between our samplers, we have some of the best in the industry.

We only use IANZ accredited Laboratories

In order to ensure our service is accurate, we only use accredited laboratories for the analysis of the collected samples. No false positives/negatives, accurate results and an actual concentrations of meth present. 

Independent & unbiased consultation

We have always remained independent from real estate, property management and meth decontamination since the beginning. This means that you can trust our advice is unbiased and genuinely in your best interests, not someone else's. This is arguably the most important aspect of MethSafe's toxicology report services.

Meth testing Auckland, Hamilton, Waikato & Christchurch

We have a nationwide network of samplers able to assist you, no matter where in New Zealand you live. Our meth testing coverage includes Auckland, Waikato, Hamilton, Cambridge, Te Awamutu, Taupo and even as far as Christchurch, we have you covered as your local toxicology report nz expert.

Need help or want to book a test?

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