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From $199+GST, test before you sell and avoid the headache

1: Buyers want Meth Safe property

There are a few reasons that buyers of property may want to meth test your property, and it's probably nothing to do with you. Meth can exist in a property for up to 10 years and as such, presents a historic risk to the value of the asset health of the occupants. Among other reasons, pre purchase meth testing is about peace of mind and assurance. 

2: Make it easy for your buyers

The more information you have available for your buyers, the more likely they are to consider the property. This means more people, will show more interest and potentially make higher offers on your property. Meth testing is a great way to get in front of your buyers and say "hey, I've got nothing to hide" and make what is a very difficult decision, much easier for them.


3: No surprises down the track

Having your property meth tested prior to listing means you keep control of the process and make sure if there is a problem you can address it before it gets to market. Spare yourself the embarrassment and wasted efforts of pulling a listing from the market. With pre-sale meth testing, you can be confident in the house and secure in the knowledge that your deal is as good as done.

4: Preparing for an auction

Having information available to your buyers such as a building report, LIM and meth testing is extremely important for auctions, Just ask your agent. The reason is that in a bidding situation, you want as many people as possible wanting to buy the house, to drive the demand. Having less information available prior to auction inevitably means some will miss out on pre-purchase due diligence. This inturn, means fewer people attending, less demand and less competitive bidding.


How we can help you

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Protect the future value of your asset.

  • Provide a high quality & evidential meth test report that your buyers will trust at sale time.

  • Take control of the selling process and find out first, what your buyers will find out later.

  • Mitigate financial and health risks with the help of our experienced meth testing consultants and our cost effective network of independent contractors.

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