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From $199+GST, make meth testing apart of your due diligence

1: Peace of mind

Peace of mind that your prospective property hasn't been used in the consumption, distribution or manufacture of schedule A drug. Very rarely are our clients disappointed with getting a toxicology report pre-purchase because the real value in meth testing is the peace of mind and assurance in the safety and value of the property. Don't let meth affected houses be your burden.

2: Take control

If there is a risk to health you should know about it. We estimated, based on published police information that there is up to 45,000 houses that have been used as meth labs since 2008 and the vast majority, would not be known to police or have been meth testing. While p labs are less common than they were 5 years ago, meth usage continues to rise. While one instance of use is hardly warranted for concern, meth can build up on surfaces in houses to rival and exceed the concentrations found in meth labs.

3: Protect your interests

By conducting meth testing before you buy, you can rest assured in the safety and value of your asset. This means you won't run the risk of being affected by the stigma of meth-contaminated property which will undoubtedly mean less potential buyers, lower offers and reduced chance of sale for your property.

4: Protect your investment property

Rest easy that your future rental property will be safe and habitable for your tenants. Say no to meth use by undertaking pre & post tenancy toxicology reports and gain access to better coverage from your insurance. There are a bunch of reasons to meth test your property and future proofing is one of them. You can find out more about the benefit of rental meth testing here.

How MethSafe can help you

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  • Organize the meth testing/toxicology report on your behalf while meeting your timeframes.

  • Give you peace of mind about your purchase.

  • Find out the health risks of your property and protect you and your family.

  • Provide security in the continued value of your asset.

  • Empower you with information so that you have the ability to make the best decisions possible.

pre purchase services

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