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From $199+GST, manage contamination in your rental property

1: A Landlords obligations under Residential tenancies act

Residential tenancies act S45(1)(a) considers renting a meth-contaminated property to be a breach of the property owner’s obligation to provide premises in a reasonable state of cleanliness. You can still be held responsible even if you didn't know methamphetamine was present in your property. Get a meth toxicology report on your rental and avoid the liability.

 2: Say No to meth use and manufacture in your property

By having pre & post tenancy meth testing on your property, you are decreasing the chances that meth may become a problem for you. Regardless of what the "safe level" of meth may be there will still be expectations on the level of meth that is "allowable" in a property. This means at some point, you may be responsible for significant costs to test and clean the property. MethSafe are firm believes that prevention, is much better than the cure.

3: Landlords Insurance with meth cover

By implementing a meth management plan using a meth toxicology report, you are dramatically increasing the chances insurance will pay out on a meth claim. It is common for insurers to request meth testing of a property as proof a non-disclosed underlying issue does not already exist. If you can clearly show that meth damage has been caused during a valid tenancy within the cover of your premium you would have a far better chance of having your claim accepted and access to between $25,000 & $30,000 of cover.

4:  Attract high quality, long term tenants

Meth Managed rentals are more likely to attract families and long-term tenants due to the increasing demand for healthy rental properties. By outlining that the property meth tested after each tenancy, you encourage good quality tenants who are more likely to look after the property, pay their rent and leave the property in a reasonable state.

How MethSafe can help you

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Not only can we help you set up a meth management plan for your rental property with NZS8510:2017 compliant, pre and post tenancy toxicology report, we can also help you in the following ways;


  • Help you in the event of any insurance claim, giving you the relevant information and advice.

  • We can give you the tools you need to meth manage your investment which includes contract clauses and advice on setup, ongoing support for tenancy issues and meth testing.

  • Support you with expert advice and information for the tenancy tribunal.

  • Make the process as easy as possible

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Need help or want to book a test?

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