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Fleet management, stolen or pre purchase?

Quick, easy, quality vehicle testing

Vehicles can be used in the manufacture of methamphetamine and are most commonly called, a rolling meth lab.  Rolling meth labs are often moved to locations where strong toxic fumes cannot be detected during manufacture. Vehicles also provide safe and private environments for users to smoke methamphetamine. Prolonged methamphetamine use can result in potentially toxic levels of residues being left within the vehicle and affected current and future occupants.

Better than personal drug testing services

Meth testing work vehicles can give you greater insight into drug habits of employees. Drugs like meth can only be detected in a users system for as little as 48 hours, users easily have enough time to fool the test. The alternative is expensive hair follicle testing which is very rarely done due to the cost. Meth residue from use will stay in the vehicle for long periods of time and as such, provides a baseline of the drug using the habbits of your employees when meth testing is completed.

Fleet & work vehicles 

Meth use in the fleet or work vehicles is very common. This is especially true in jobs that require long hours on the road and very little downtime. Meth use during work can result in a number of dangerous behaviors that take some time to become evident (even to the most observant). Meth testing fleet vehicles mean that you can prevent in-work drug usage in your vehicles and make it clear to your staff that drugs are not okay, in or on the way to work sites.

Pre-purchase vehicle testing

Just like our homes, we spend a lot of time in vehicles. Vehicles are often very confined areas with limited airflow and as such represent a high risk for exposure to methamphetamine. Before you buy, make sure you get a meth test to ensure that your car is safe

Stolen and recovered vehicles

Every year, thousands of vehicles are stolen and recovered. There are strong connections between methamphetamine use and theft whether for the purposes of generating additional income or using the vehicles as a rolling meth lab. How would you know if the vehicle you have or are about to purchase has been stolen? You can't. However, you can find out it's been used to smoke or manufacture methamphetamine by getting meth testing completed by our meth experts.

How we can help you

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Testing your vehicle in accordance with NZS8510:2017 we can help manage drug use in fleet vehicles, vet potential car purchases and determine any hidden damage caused in stolen vehicles.


  • Determine if methamphetamine has been used or made inside stolen vehicles that have been recovered. Insurance may provide cover where concentrations exceed 1.5 micrograms per 100cm2.

  • Meth test fleet vehicles to monitor personnel vehicles on an ongoing basis. Cheaper and more effective than drug testing, which only works within 1 day of use (test depending). Meth residue takes years to disappear.

  • Determine if that new vehicle you're looking at is really worth the price tag and isn't going to jeopardize the health of the persons using the vehicle.


Need help or want to book a test?

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