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Anonymous Laboratory Analysed DIY Meth Kits from $129+GST

Recommended for:

  • Your own peace of mind

  • In place of Instant test kits which are unreliable

  • Gives you a level of meth, not just a yes or no

  • Doesn't give false negatives/positives

Not recommended for:

  • Sale and purchase agreements

  • Tenancy purposes

  • Health and safety issues

  • Any kind of legal requirement

IANZ Laboratory quality analysis of your samples with a level of meth

Laboratory analysis of your samples means that you get the highest quality results. No false positive, no uncertainty, just peace of mind and a concentration or level of meth to determine your risks with our do it yourself meth testing kits. Kits suited to your needs, just ask us about the different meth testing kits available for use.

Everything you need to test for meth at home

Meth testing kit includes everything you need to sample your house for methamphetamine including instuctions. Shipped right to your door, in 10 minutes you can test your house or object and send them back in the courier bags provided. Everything needed to undertake a meth test of your property/posetion is provided. No Additional fees.

Discrete service - Only email and delivery address required

An email address and delivery address is all that is required. Plain packaging used on the meth testing kits making them indistinguishable from any other package. In consultation, your information is held to the highest degree of privacy and no information will be shared with third parties without your explicit permission.

Easy to understand report and free advice on your result

Want to know what your results mean and how they apply to you and your asset? We can help. Our friendly consultants are ready to take your call and assist you in interpreting the results of your DIY meth testing kit result, not only helping you to understand what they mean but to guide you on the best practices if more assistance is needed.

Results in as little as 4 days from sampling

You can have results from your meth test kit in as little as 4 days from the date of sampling. This provides the time for the sample to be transported to the laboratory and the time for the samples to be run. This is the price of extremely accurate testing and no false readings or confusion.

Need help or want to order?

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