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Standard NZS8510:2017 for meth testing and decontamination arrive

On June 29th 2017, Standards NZ released the new guidelines for testing and decontamination of meth homes. The guidelines include:

  1. Providing 2 levels to distinguish high-use and limited-use areas.

By defining areas and setting a separate level for each will cut down time and money when it comes to remediation of these areas.

A high-use area is defined as: In summary, these means all the major rooms in a home and on the occasion garages (though this can be applied on a case by case basis).

A limited-use area is defined as: This would be applied to ceiling cavities, attics, under house areas.

  1. Changing the threshold from 3 levels to just 1 in high-use areas.

Previously, guidelines stated that 0.5ug/100cm2 would be used in the case of clan labs, 1.5ug/100cm2 for smoking in properties with full or part carpet and 2.0ug/100cm2 for smoking in properties with no carpet.

The level set in June is now 1.5ug/100cm2 in all instances. Reasons given for this include[iii]:

  • “It is currently not possible to determine whether or not a property has been used as a clandestine laboratory, based solely on the results of scientific sampling;”

  • “What constitutes evidence of a clandestine laboratory may change as production techniques change;”

The guideline set for limited-use areas is 3.8ug/100cm2. This level is “based on the Colorado Regulations for clean-up and the ESR 2016 review, which calculated an adult maximum exposure level”[iv].

  1. Clear steps forward for screening and detailed assessments.

This section states that where a screening is undertaken and a negative result returned, a clearance report shall be issued. Where a screening returns a positive result, a detailed assessment SHALL be undertaken and a report issued stating that. “ Plainly, if any screening result comes back over the guideline threshold, a detailed assessment is LEGALLY required.

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