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The perks of buying/renting a meth cleaned house or "P house".

These days, you're just as likely to find a meth-contaminated or “P House” property as you would dust on a window frame. P testing houses is pretty common and you will more than likely come across properties for sale and rental properties up for rent that have been cleaned for meth.

When meth is discovered to be of even of a miniscule risk to the occupants, decontamination of the p house to the highest level possible is required. Regardless of whether the meth was from a lab or p from smoking, contamination testing will identify the presence of meth and it is the responsibility of the owner/landlord to fix it. When it comes to p contamination, the house is treated in the same whether it was smoking or manufacture. Here are a few reasons why you may want to take a second look at that “meth house” to buy or rent.

  • Properties where meth or has been cleaned will receive less attention from the rental/buyers’ market which means you have a better chance of getting the rental or having an offer accepted.

  • The property has been meth tested and cleaned which means that at the very least, it is better than one that hasn’t (which is the clear majority of rental/houses for purchase).

  • “Meth houses” are cleaned to a standard way over and above what would normally occur within a rental or listed property. These houses are then forensically scrutinized for habitability under the newly released standards.

  • A cleaned “Meth house” is going to be odour free, virus free, bacteria free and mould treated due to the hospital grade cleaning agents used within the property, process depending.

  • A “meth house” or “P house” represents a brand-new start without the uncleaned walls, ceilings, dust etc left behind by previous tenants/occupants after years and years of occupancy. Yuck!

  • Properties that undergo clean up often receive renovations which means you’ve got a better chance of getting a house with new interior, painting and even new air conditioning systems and insulation.

Before you turn your nose up at a p contaminated property, think about the benefits. As a meth testing technician, I would personally not pass up an opportunity to purchase a “Meth house” as there is actually very little health risks involved with cleaned properties and generally, you get a better, cleaner, safer house than you normally would have for the same, or better price. When you think about it like that, why wouldn’t you buy/rent a “meth house”?

If you're unsure about what a report means or what the quality is of said report, feel free to send any information you have onto MethSafe for some absolutely free, no obligation advice.

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