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Are Instant result meth testing kits, worthwhile?

UPDATE 7th June 2018 - D.I.Y Laboratory test kits available - Click here to see more The truth about instant test kits

There is a lot of speculation around instant meth or p test kits some for, some against. This is our professional opinion on them based on our extended experience in the industry and discussions with enumerable clients with their own personal experiences using them.

Here are a few facts about instant test kits;

  • High risk of False Positives/negatives and can be fooled and is not as robust as laboratory testing.

  • Indicative only: No level to directly compare to guidelines, so cannot work out the level of risk.

  • Ineffective on porous materials (basically all internal linings in a property).

  • Not Compliant with New Zealand Standards NZS8510:2017 and unlikely to gain validation as an acceptable form of testing for meth.

  • Non-evidential process which is unregulated and not intended for testing houses for p.

  • Only basic instructions are provided on how to get a reading, not what to test and what not to test to give you an indication of the problem.

Benefits to instant test kits

  • Instant result

  • Slightly cheaper alternative to laboratory testing

The manufacturer of these kits recommends that “If a positive result is obtained for any particular area, we suggest laboratory tests are completed to provide actual levels for any given area tested area.” This would potentially double your costs involved in the process and because instant test kits are easily fooled into a positive detection, this is a common scenario.

If a negative test result is obtained, can you really trust the result? Can you really judge the safety of your family on a kit not designed specifically for testing houses.

"As an experienced Meth sampling company, we have seen first hand time and time again, how these test kits mislead their users." - Josh Williams (MethSafe Ltd)

What does the standard say?

NZS8510 which are the industry standards for Methamphetamine Testing released earlier in the year state that any technology used for Methamphetamine Screening Assessments must be independently validated by an organisation accredited to NZS ISO/IEC 17025 with validation of methamphetamine screening technologies as a scope of their accreditation.

As of the date of this article, no instant test kits are validated and able to be used as genuine meth testing alternatives to determine compliance of properties with the meth testing and decontamination standard NZS8510. Click here for the standard

But aren’t you biased being that you only use laboratory testing?

You could consider us bias against instant test kits but the truth is if they worked we’d be using them and we can assure you the profit margin on instant DIY meth testing is much higher than high quality laboratory analysis.

But if you still don’t believe us, check out these articles on the subject of instant test kits for drugs.

Police in Orlando tested glazed sugar which fell off a donut into the bottom of a mans car and instant methamphetamine test kit confirmed the glaze as methamphetamine – man arrested onsite. Later, laboratory analysis confirmed it was actually sugar. Man awarded 37k USD in damages Click Here

A recent investigation by ProPublica and The New York Times showed that “there is every reason to suspect” that false positive results from roadside drug tests in thousands of wrongful convictions each year. Click Here

The alternative?

Lab based meth testing through MethSafe

MethSafe uses Liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry the Gold Standard in analytical chemistry carried out for us by a laboratory with IANZ (International Accreditation New Zealand) ISO 17025, Analytica Laboratories. Meth Testing laboratory.

For as little as $199 + GST we can get a certified and experienced sampler out to your dwelling to conduct a p lab check or meth check. The sampling itself will take approximately 30 Minutes, and we can have the accurate results to you within 2 days.


  • Professional experienced and independent sampler who is unbiased.

  • IANZ Accredited laboratory using the gold standard of testing, can pick up very low levels of methamphetamine.

  • Very accurate– no possibility of misleading results

  • Evidential analysis that can be used for purchase agreements, rental properties and all third party requirements.

  • Testing can be done to be compliant with NZS8510:2017 and therefore will be suitable in the future.

  • Professional advice in the form of a report and phone consultation


  • Can take up to 2 days to have results back

  • Slightly more expensive than instant test kits.

The best part?

Because a laboratory test is undertaken on professionally collected samples, we can advice you of the risk and also ways to mitigate those risks.

  • Cleaning can be effective, but only with the right know how and advice.

  • Certain types of paint can be effective in encapsulating low levels of methamphetamine, we can advise you when to use them to maximize your risk reduction on the property.

  • How to mitigate or remove the issue from the property during renovations to ensure no detection in the future and therefore, maintain the value of your house.

Before you renovate, trust the professionals to give you the best advice possible.

Call Us on 0508-6384723 to book a Laboratory Based meth Test today!

MethSafe currently provides Meth testing Whangarei, Tauranga, Thames, Hamilton & Waikato, Christchurch, Taupo, & Auckland CLick here to contact us for our meth testing services

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